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We are entering the third year of the Indigenous Wisdom & Permaculture Skills Convergence, and each year we grow deeper as a global community in support of the Lakota people.  Your ticket purchase is a demonstration of your desire to see this marginalized community thrive.

As we gather in community, we co-create the convergence.  All participants contribute to the success of the event as a whole.  In the past, people have contributed their energy, skills, and talents, as well as shade structures, tools, food, seeds, and more! Non-perishable, bulk food donations are especially helpful. We will send all attendees an email with specifics on what to bring to support the convergence if they choose to. 




Ticket prices are based on a sliding scale: 

  • Before July 21st, tickets are $200 - $450

  • After July 21st tickets are $300 - $450

With the purchase of the $450 - $350 TIER tickets, you have the privilege of attending the convergence as well as sponsoring half of a ticket for someone else.

When you purchase the $300 TIER ticket, you have the privilege of attending the convergence as well as partially sponsoring another attendee.

The $200 TIER ticket ensures your support of the projects at OLCERI.






Returning attendees please email hello@iwpsconvergence.com for a discount code to receive $50 off your ticket, or bring a friend and split the $350 tier ticket!

The event is FREE to Indigenous Resiliency Groups and Pine Ridge locals. Please email hello@iwpsconvergence.com to RSVP and receive details.

If you are unable to purchase a ticket at this time, but would love to come, please contact us at hello@iwpsconvergence.com with your request and we will do what we are able to make sure everyone can attend. 

Event FAQ

Is the event free for all native/First Nations people?

The event is free for locals on Pine Ridge, and also to members of tribal resiliency groups who are interested in coming out to share about their work. This could mean participating on a panel, suggesting a workshop, or bringing information to share that would benefit the camp. We are making an effort to find a way to have everyone who feels it in their heart join. Also, we do have project/food costs that we need to cover, and we do that through ticket sales. The ticket sales are sliding scale to accomodate all we can. Bringing bulk food donations to feed the camp is also very helpful. We hope you will consider this information in deciding to join us.


Is there a rideshare?

Here is the link to the rideshare board where you can post your trip: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/bfc0du


Can I bring my dog?

We cannot allow dogs on the site. There are many animals in close range to the camp here already including: horses, pigs, chickens, and rabbits as well as the working ranch dogs, so our host has requested to leave pets at home.


Can I bring my child?

Children’s activities are provided and children are absolutely welcome to participate in the many hands-on workshops offered. Child care however is not provided during the event, so parents are responsible for the well-being of their children on the site. There are a few hazards to be aware of including: snakes and extreme, sudden weather changes such as: heat, rain, and the potential of tornadoes.


What is the schedule or workshop program like?

Monday through Thursday is the pre-build portion of the event, where the most hands-on skill building projects take place. Friday through Sunday is the convergence portion which features more ceremony, workshops/panels, and ecological demonstrations. A posted schedule will be available closer to the date.


Do I have to have building skills to participate?


No. there are plenty of ways to contribute to the camp for people of all skill levels. Workshops are designed to help all attendees skill up - starting at basic tool maintenance to acting as a project lead if you choose.