2019 Convergence

Pre - Build ~ Monday, August 19 - Thursday 22nd ~ 

Please join us for an intimate gathering focused on skill-building and preparing the camp for a larger group of people for the weekend. Many attendees say pre-build is their favorite time for making connections and acclimating to the camp.

​Offerings and Activities during Pre-Build include:

  • Street Medic Training - during this 20 hr intensive training, Indigenous teacher Vanessa Bolin will explain many ways to 

  • Building and Framing, Natural Plaster Prep, and more

Convergence Celebration ~ Friday, August 23rd - Sunday 25th ~

Our celebration and workshops portion of the event. There are still build projects to lend a hand in that are farther along, as well as:​

  • Surprise Musical Guests, Workshops, Panels, and Ceremony.


2018 Projects


The Indigenous Wisdom Center led by Engineers Without Borders

Participants contributed to the construction of the Indigenous Wisdom Center, a tribal Permaculture and Lakota Language Center made of cob (an earthen mortar) and rammed-earth-tires. Built under the guidance of renowned architects and engineers. 

Site Assessment and  3 Food Distribution Hubs across Pine Ridge

In collaboration with non-profit partners ReMember, Rebel Earth Farms, and OLCERI we are supporting inititatives for long-term food security. 

Natural Plasters Workshop with Jim Schalles

 To complete last year's rocket stove with thermally mass heated bench, we added a locally sourced plaster coat to let the project shine. Jim Schalles of Tallgrass Vernacular led hands-on mixing and application of clay based plasters and paints. We learned about the versatility and beauty of natural finishes which can be applied to a myriad of both traditional and conventional materials.

2017 Projects


Appropriate Technologies

Attendees completed projects that contribute to self-sufficient and sustainable practices on the Pine Ridge Reservation:

• Passive Solar Food Dehydrator
• Fuel-Efficient 5 gallon Rocket Stoves
• Greywater System from outdoor kitchen and showers

The existing permaculture infrastructure on site was woven into workshop programs to inspire and educate attendees interested in learning ecological design, including:

  • Biodiesel plant capable of producing 1000 gal/day, ready to grow and convert legal hemp to fuel

  • Solar panels and wind turbines

  • Sawmill to sustainably process lumber from trees affected by fire

  • Biomethane gassier as a transition fuel technology

Growing Food Security

Perennial Food Forest & Community Garden

Attendees learned about the unique challenges and solutions to growing food on the Great Plains. Together we worked in OLCERI’s 5 year old food forest and Walapini greenhouse using sheet mulching technique, growing microgreens, and produce for the local community. 

Aquaponics System

Attendees installed a closed-loop growing system that combines aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants).


We learned traditional ways to show reverence for Life from all 4 nations who were represented at camp. Sacred ceremony, prayers, songs, dances, and stories are shared by teachers and participants alike.